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Hello, my beauty creatures of the Universe! How are you doing today? My week is going amazingly great. Every day is a new bright opportunity. So let’s make the best about it, shall we? Today, I’m going to show you a couple of glamorous designs from BabyOnlineDress. I was looking for wholesale evening dresses, and I’m glad I’ve found great options at this web store. Let see them:

First, let’s talk about this stunning design. The shape and the cutouts are lovely, and the applications in the fabric will make you stand out in your event. You will look like a mermaid fresh out of the sea. Find this dress as Front-Split Crystals V-neck Sleeveless Gorgeous Floor-length Prom Dress at the Prom Dress 2017 section in the store.

Among the Homecoming Dresses, I’ve found this romantic two-piece style dress. I would wear it even to go to buy bread! It’s so lovely! I really like the shape of the skirt. It falls very naturally. Look for this as Sleeveless Strap Hot Short Sweetheart Sweetheart A-line Homecoming Dress in the store.

Las but not least, this absolutely lovely design was found at the Prom Dresses Online section. It reminds me of a ballerina’s attire. The tulle skirt is so vaporous and light. I loved the color too. Search Knee-Length Sexy Lace Tulle Off-the-Shoulder Homecoming Dress to find this dress.

Please, don’t stop here and go to BabyOnlineDress to see a lot of designs that they offer at their web. This was just a little part of all the awesome dresses you can find there. After check them, come back here and let me know in the comments section below which one was your favorite. Hope you like this. I love all so much,


Swimwear in FashionMia

Greeting, loved ones! Everyone long for the summer and the heat, and let me tell you, I’m not the exception. So, getting ready for the hot weather, I was browsing for women clothing online. I’ve found great designs of swimwear at FashionMia. Let me show you:

I really like this one. It’s so flattering! The gradient is eye catching. Found it as Attractive Keyhole Gradient One Piece.

This one got my crazy. Seems like a subtle cosplay of The Little Mermaid. I would wear it anywhere. Look for it as Halter Animal Printed Underwire Color Block Swimwear.

I like color block, so this one caught my eye. The vibrant colors will draw the attention to you. Find it as Trendy Halter Color Block Triangle Bikini.

If you want to see more sexy swimwear, visit FashionMia. Check them and let me know if you have a favorite. Hugs and kisses,


Hair extensions in TedHair

Hi, guys! How are you? I hope you are having a great week and getting ready for the weekend. I’m happy to talk again with you today. So here I am, talking again about my favorite topic: HAIR! It’s not really a surprise, I know. Hahahaha. More specific, let’s talk about hair extensions from TedHair. They offer a great variety of products. Here are a few examples:

This set of clip in extensions call my attention. Look all the tones! I’ve found it as 16 to 26 Inch #4/27 10pcs Body Wave Clip In Human Hair Extensions at the wholesale hair extensions section. They offer more colors and textures, but I’ve felt in love with this.

They have virgin hair wholesale in the store, and you can find awesome products there. Like this 10-30 Inch 7A Body Wavy Virgin Indian Hair #1B Natural Black. Remember that you can dye them any color you want, so the possibilities are endless.

And if you want straight hair, they have a lot of options too. Check out this 10-30 Inch 7A Straight Virgin Brazilian Hair #1B Natural Black that I’ve found in the brazilian hair wholesale.

Don’t hesitate in visiting TedHair whenever you want to buy hair. Also, check their wigs and all their stock, you surely will find what you are looking for to look and feel beautiful. They have a special sale for their 3rd anniversary, so you can have $10 off in your first order. Just make sure to place your order this week.

TedHair is more than just a hair supplier, is a turn-key business solutions to help your company increase your revenue and profit. If you have, any question, ask them via chat in their web store, by phone, or filling their contact form. Let me know if you buy something over there.

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BestHairBuy 360 Lace Wigs

Hello, dolls and guys! How are you today? Do you remember my obsession with wigs? Well, guess what? I’m here to talk about WIGS, my friends. Again, I know. But I love them. I can’t get enough of all the new things and technologies that stores present. And today, I’ve found the 360 Lace Wigs in the store BestHairBuy. “But what are those?” you ask? It’s a full wig, with a bigger parting space which allows a more natural look, pre-plucked hairline (it has baby hairs!) for a realistic feeling, it’s the best wig for ponytails and updos, and just with a couple of bundles you can get a thick and full wig. Let me show what they offer:

Today, I’ll begin with my favorite. This one gets me a feeling of old Hollywood. All glamorous and stylish. Look for it in the store as 150 Density 360 Lace Wig Brazilian Hair Body Wave, in the 360 lace wigs section. This is a more “neutral” look, if you will. You can style it as you want, but I imagine wearing it with a half updo, and the lower part flowing free.

Now, THIS IS CURLY, PEOPLE! I got shocked the first time I saw this wig. It looks so natural with all those tiny and tight curls. I think is the best option among the full lace wigs. Find it as 150 Density 360 Lace Wig Brazilian Hair Deep Curly at the store.

But if what you really want is straight hair, I got you covered, honey. This is the option for you. You can find it as 150 Density 360 Lace Wig Brazilian Hair Straight at the store. Do you want more thickness? Just throw a couple of bundles and you will done. Don’t forget to check out their hair bundle deals.

As you can see, they offer a great range of lace frontal wigs, so you can choose the one that suits best your needs. Please, let me know in the comments section below wich one is your favorite, and why you would by it. Get great products, awesome quality, little prices, and a very good costumer service. You won’t regret it.

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Thank you so much for being here again with me. See you in the next one. Hugs and kisses.


About hair extensions

Hello, dolls and guys! How are you today? Ever since I cut my really long hair (do you remember how long it was?), I miss having long locks to braid and play with. Having short hair is boring sometimes, you know? So, I’ve considered wearing wigs or hair extensions. But I guess I need some help in that matter.

I’ve gone through A LOT of pages and online stores as DreamWheatHair, and found awesome options there (especially in that web, you should totally check that one out!). But I’m not really sure which one will suit me properly, or if the thickness of the weaves makes some difference.

So, I need your help to decide, guys. Please, if you know about the subject, let me know in the comments bellow, or contact me through e-mail. Let’s make my dream come true, together! I’m counting with your help, so don’t let me alone in this one.

See you guys soon,


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