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Hello, dolls and guys! How are you today? Ever since I cut my really long hair (do you remember how long it was?), I miss having long locks to braid and play with. Having short hair is boring sometimes, you know? So, I’ve considered wearing wigs or hair extensions. But I guess I need some help in that matter.

I’ve gone through A LOT of pages and online stores as DreamWheatHair, and found awesome options there (especially in that web, you should totally check that one out!). But I’m not really sure which one will suit me properly, or if the thickness of the weaves makes some difference.

So, I need your help to decide, guys. Please, if you know about the subject, let me know in the comments bellow, or contact me through e-mail. Let’s make my dream come true, together! I’m counting with your help, so don’t let me alone in this one.

See you guys soon,


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