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jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2018

septiembre 13, 2018

BBBGem | Wedding Rings and Sets

BBBGem | Wedding Rings and Sets
Hello, my beloved readers! I’m very happy to see you all back here. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m engaged since a couple months ago. My fiancée already gave me a beautiful ring, but now we have to think about the wedding rings. So I went to BBBGems to find our dreams made rings.

We went first to the moissanite wedding sets section and found this gorgeous pair of stackable white gold rings. I love the intricate design of the top band and the shape of the lower one, they look amazing together. They are elegant and timeless.

If you are looking for something unusual, check out this emerald wedding set. The cushion cut of the gem gives the ring a royalty vibe, and the little diamonds on both bands are stunning.

Searching for diamond wedding bands for her, you will find this amazing curved loop, infinity band. It’s made in rose gold, but can be customized as you want. I love the shape and the engraved diamonds.

Are you a bride-to-be too? Don’t hesitate and go check out all the designs that BBBGem offer. Have a lovely day,


miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2018

septiembre 12, 2018

TBDress App

TBDress App
Tbdress Clothes
Store Android App

Hi, guys! How is your day going? I’m full of work, but always with time to spend on my phone. Most of us have our phones in our hands pretty much all day, so it makes sense that our favorite brands and stores make apps. Today, I have tested the TBDress App and I want to tell you about my experience.


On my device, the app is relatively small. That’s a plus because the internal storage is gold. In the first section are A LOT of great deals and coupons. This is very useful and you can easily find the best offer for you. In the second section, you can find all the products by category, and there are sections about my profile and my favorites.


I like the way the dresses are displayed, this makes easier to find a design that you like. You can find the app for Android and in the App Store. I hope you like it too,

septiembre 12, 2018

Winter Apparel | FashionMia

Winter Apparel | FashionMia
Happy hump day, everybody!!! It is half of the week and we are all probably full of work, but don’t worry. Just hang in there. I believe in you. That been said, I want to know what is your favorite weather. Let me know in the comments (after you read this article, of course!). My favorite is cold weather, although in my country we don’t have well differentiated seasons. But I love colder months! I think I can wear more stylish clothes, like the ones that I’m going to show you today. They are all from FashionMia, a store that I like from a long time ago.

I’ll begin with winter coats. I love how stylish they can be if you wear them correctly. You can be truly elegant or casual, it’s all up to you. Take this High Neck Double Breasted Pocket Woolen Plain Coat as an example. The military style chest and the squared shoulders give a serious vibe, but paired with shorts as the model can tone it down and be more playful.

This Lapel Slit Pocket Single Button Plain Long Sleeve Coat is dreamy. Look how fuzzy it is! It must be really cozy and warm, perfect for wear it to go to work, or travel. The big button on the front gives it a chic touch.

When it’s about sweaters, is easier to dress them down so you can wear them in more relaxed events like a picnic or a date. I like bolder colors and styles, but nothing too bright. This V-Neck Lace-Up Plain Sweater would be a perfect match for a pair of jeans and high boots.

And if big sizes are your style, an Oversized Turtleneck Color Block Sweater like this could be an awesome option. They offer it in a variety of colors so you can match it to your wardrobe.

For more women's sweaters and other clothes, visit FashionMia. Happy day,


lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2018

septiembre 10, 2018

Hoodies and boots from BerryLook

Hoodies and boots from BerryLook
Hello, my lovelies! How are you today? I hope you have a truly productive week and you can achieve great things. And if you need someone to help you, look around you! You are never alone. That been said, let us get to what we have come to. My recommendation for today is BerryLook. They offer a lot of great clothes and shoes so you can dress as you want.

I love sweaters. I grow up in a cold city, so I used to wear them almost every day. I will go back there soon, so I am looking for new fashion hoodies to wear there. I have felt in love with this kitten print AND THE EARS IN THE HOODIE!!! How couldn’t you love it? Look for it as “Cute Cat Printed Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie”.

You know that my favorite color is purple, and this particular shade of purple is really pretty. The shape of this hoodie called my attention. Also, it has a zipper, so the design is pretty unique. Search “Hooded Zips Plain Long Sleeve Hoodies” to find it.

I like boots, especially in the colder months. I have to keep my ankles protected. Mostly, I buy black boots, because I can wear them with almost any color or style of clothing and I will always look good. This pair called my attention, and you can buy it if you look for “Plain High Heeled Round Toe Casual Date High Heels Boots” in the store.

Looking for women's fashion boots, I have found this great design, and they offer them in 4 colors! My favorite one here is the Green. In yours? Probable they would look good with a country style dress, or with a jean skirt, or plain jeans perhaps. What do you think about it? Search “Plain Low Heeled Criss-Cross Round Toe Casual Flat Boots” to find them.

Did you like my recommendations about BerryLook? Let me know in the comments below if you find something else in the store. Have fun shopping,


miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2018

septiembre 05, 2018

Coupons in Hasoffer

Coupons in Hasoffer

Hi, guys! How is your week going? I hope it is going really great. You deserve everything you want and need. And talking about “needs”, who need some coupons??? I know I could use some right now. So today I have teamed up with hasoffer.com to give you some sweet deals.


I am a sucker for food, so I am always looking for coupons codes for my favorite chains. Hasoffer has A LOT of fast food coupons online deals, and the range is pretty wide. From pizza to fancy dinners, you have tons of options to choose from.


I have never shopped at Macy’s, but I know that you can find great things there. I saw a pair of shoes once, and today I have found a discount code for them on this site. And others 20% off Macy’s coupons online, ready for you.


Let us be real. Who does not know Amazon? You can buy literally ANYTHING there. And more often on a holiday or any other special date. For example on Black Friday. It is never too soon to have discount ready on hand. So do not wait up and check all the free Amazon coupons on Black Friday now! If you do not know what to buy, remember that a gift for a friend (for example, ME) is always an awesome idea.

Have you heard of Hasoffer before? Have you used their coupons? If you did, please let us know your experience in the comments section below. Have fun shopping online,


viernes, 17 de agosto de 2018

agosto 17, 2018

Unboxing: Sol VoxBox de Influenster

Unboxing: Sol VoxBox de Influenster

¡Hola! ¿Sigue alguien aquí? Si estuviéramos en un salón, yo creo que escucharía el eco. Jajajaja. Vengo a quitarle la telaraña a éste espacio. Quiero retomar de verdad mi blog y mi canal de YouTube, y tengo la excusa perfecta. Hace unos días, recibí una cajita de Influenster, y me quise arriesgar a grabarles un unboxing. Es la Sol VoxBox, y está demasiado hermosa. Acá se los dejo en un video:

Debo contarles que recibí éstos productos como cortesía y totalmente gratis de parte de Influenster, con el fin de probarlos para hacer reseñas y compartirlas con la comunidad y con todos ustedes que me leen. Dicho esto, empecemos con los productos.


Lo primero en la lista es éste gel de baño en espuma de la marca Rituals. Es super inusual, es en gel pero al contacto con el aire se convierte en una espuma super gruesa que se frota en el cuerpo para limpiarlo. Mi piel queda suavecita y huele ¡delicioso!


Mi cabello está rizadito desde el último corte, pero sigo teniendo mucho frizz (auxilio), y ésta crema para peinar de Eva NYC promete ayudarme con ese problema. Huele demasiado rico y es espesita.


En éste momento ando de transición y no tengo conmigo mi maquillaje, así que éste cuarteto de Wet n Wild me cayó de maravilla.


El tono es Walking On Eggshells. Yo no soy mucho de neutros, pero sé que me sacarán de apuros más de una vez. Vean bien esas letritas, porque están a punto de desaparecer.


Me sorprendió el tono para el párpado, es super distinto a como viene en el empaque. No son muy pigmentadas, pero algo pueden hacer. Son tres tonos satinados y uno mate.


Cuando vi esto en la lista de productos, salté de emoción. ¡Es un Lippie Stix de Colourpop! Siempre había querido algo de ésta marca.


Vino en el tono Candy Paint. También un tono bastante neutro, pero con un subtono rosado.


Ya lo he usado varias veces y es lo máximo.


Me queda bastante bien. En la página lo describen como terracota puro. Pronto les compartiré fotos en mi Instagram.


Y esto fue todo lo que me trajo mi Sol VoxBox de Influenster. Espero que les haya gustado, por favor díganme qué les pareció el unobxing, y qué les gustaría ver por acá. Tengo algunas ideas, pero pocas herramientas. Vamos poco a poco. Gracias por quedarse acá conmigo,


lunes, 30 de julio de 2018

julio 30, 2018

Plus Size Bottoms in RoseGal

Plus Size Bottoms in RoseGal
Greetings, lovely readers! What is your mood today? Mine is been a sharing mood all day long, giving some tips and advice online, and learning a lot of new stuff. And I came across a fact that really set me off: Plus-sized bodies are poorly represented on the stores all around the web! Being myself a thick lady, that affect me. So the best that I can do, is to find great options for bodies like my own to share them with you. This time, I’ll give you great options for bottoms in ROSEGAL.
The first thing that caught my eye was this awesome pair of jeans with embroidered BUTTERFLIES!!! Don’t you know that I love butterflies? Oh, I’m sorry. You must be new here. Hi, I’m Denise and I love insects. I want these jeans so much!!! I found them as “Plus Size Butterfly Embroidered Ripped Jeans - Windows Blue - 2x”.
Do you like music? (Who doesn’t?! What question was that, D?) Then wear some music notes on your beautiful legs! I like this black legging with a musical pattern printed on the sides. Maybe you can wear it to a concert, or simply any day. It’s your choice. Search “Plus Size Music Notes Skinny Leggings - Black – Xl” and you will find them.
Come here and sit with me for a second, and think about something: who said that plus-sized women can’t wear shorts???!!! That is crazy talking, you know? Thick thighs are beautiful, and we can show them to the world (in a proper manner, I must say). You can find great designs like this “Plus Size Crochet Trim Dolphin Shorts - White – L”, and rock them everywhere you can!

Did you enjoy these options? You can find a lot more in Rosegal. If you find something awesome, please come back and show me. Thanks for stopping by,