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lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

abril 15, 2019

How To Care for Your Hair Extensions

How To Care for Your Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions aren't the hardest things to upkeep if you know the proper ways to care for them! Even if you own Human Hair extensions, they don't function completely like real hair. Extensions don't get the benefits of natural oils our scalp produces to keep our hair moisturized, so we have to keep that in mind when caring for our extensions. It is best not to wash them too often because that dries out the hair even more, we suggest periodically using hydration conditioning masks on the hair to lock in that moisture. You can get up to about 20 wears before you actually have to wash your extensions.

To extend the life of your extensions as long as possible, try not to shower, swim, or sleep in your pieces. Keep tangles out of the hair by constantly and carefully brushing through them, even when you are wearing them. When it comes to products such as shampoos and conditioners, stay away from anything with alcohol in it which will strip the hair of any moisture it has. Also, with hairspray, don't get anything too powerful or too heavy because it will leave a product residue and force you to wash them prematurely! We suggest purchasing products specifically made for that type of hair, such as the BeautiMark products on our website! You can get an entire care kit for Human Hair or Synthetic, and they won't harm or ruin your hair!

Once you are done rocking your gorgeous long look, you need to properly store your extensions from Hair Distributors. We suggest using the Extension Storage Bag & Hanger by Hairdo which is the perfect storage to protect the hair!

Before putting them in the bag, make sure they are brushed and tangle-free. Tie them with a hair tie or ribbon and carefully lay them inside. You can also use this bag to carry them wherever you go, it is perfect for traveling! By keeping them stored properly, it protects them from any damage and keeps them untangled for the next time you need to wear them!

abril 15, 2019

Reasons Why Women Buy Human Hair Wigs

Reasons Why Women Buy Human Hair Wigs
When we are walking on the street, we can find almost every woman wear a wig, some people are wearing colorful synthetic wigs, and most people choose to wear different styles of human hair wigs. This is a beautiful scenery line.

People like to wear hair wigs, and they like to buy them, too. Lots of people are wild about buying hair wigs, especially lace front wigs. Why this happening? Someday my friend also asks me why women want to buy hair wigs. I started thinking about these problems and summarized the following points.

Different Beauty Image

Every woman wants to have beautiful hair which makes people look she is very energetic and lively. Every day wants to has a different style, I think the hair wigs will be a good choice. You will have seven different images from Monday to Sunday. The new hairstyle brings you a new mood and will make you confident and will easily succeed in doing things.

Do not Hurt Hair

People want their hair looks bright but doesn't want to hurt their hair. So if you have a hair wig, you wouldn't have this problem. Not only will it protect your hair, but you can also dye color. You will have any color and style you want. And your hair won't hurt, if you want to show off your own hair, just take off the wig.

No Hair on Own head

Some young people or old man may have no hair on their heads so they may feel inferior and not confident even sad. But if they wear a wig, they will become confident and cheerful. Hair wigs are very natural and real just like your own hair. So don't worry the other people know you carry a wig.

And for dark skin women, their own hair is short and with curls, so wearing hair wigs is a good way to solve this problem.


When you have a party or performance, hair wigs will be good decorating tools. It makes you look like very fashion and cool. And also can make very crazy and terrorist hair. Even suitable for children, children must be very happy after wearing a wig because this is their beginning to re-recognize themselves.


Hair Wigs are already a part of people's life.

People are now inseparable from them. Just like using mobile phones every day, they are used every day. This is already a popular culture. If someone does not have a hair wig, he must be considered strange by people. So obviously, the hair wig is very popular and is accepted by people.

When your hair short

When you want your hair to grow longer, but your hair is short, you can use your hair wigs until your hair is long. You wonĄŊt be distress because of your short hair, because you have a long human hair wig, so you have long hair.until your short hair is long.

Save Time

Hair wig is very soft and manageable. So you will save more time to do other things, such as makeup or cooking.

If your own hair, you may need to wash every day or every two days because it becomes oily or dries out, but hair wigs won't. You don't need to wash them frequently, it only takes a little time to take care of.

Don't spend a lot of time sorting your hair. This is very important.

Go with Your Clothes

Every woman has a wide variety of clothes, different clothes with different hairstyles, which will make you look particularly confident and fashion also will improve your temperament.

Accident prevention

I think it is necessary to prepare a hair wig because there are many unexpected things happening every day. For example, if you have to attend a meeting, but your hair is not suitable, this time a lace wig will help you very well.

I know lots of people are willing to have new wigs, just like the reasons I mentioned in this blog. The only thing I want to say is you need to make sure that you really need this wig when you buy it. Because human hair wigs are expensive, even though you can spend your money on this stage.


jueves, 4 de abril de 2019

abril 04, 2019

Jumpsuits and leggings | Cici Lookshop

Jumpsuits and leggings | Cici Lookshop
Hello, my lovelies! How are you doing today? I have something to tell you, and please DON’T LAUGH ABOUT IT! This morning I was getting ready for the day and had an “I have nothing to wear” moment, so I literally jumped again in bed and browsed through some of my favorites stores online until I found something to inspire me. Luckily, I stumbled upon Cici Lookshop again and got a couple of ideas for outfits to wear on relaxed days. Let me show you:

I kind of wanted to wear something unusual, so I started looking for sexy jumpsuits for women. They offer A HUGE variety of styles to choose from. I lean over more wearable everyday looks, and that’s why I’m starting with this Spaghetti Strap Plain Sleeveless Jumpsuits. I would pair it with a graphic tee or a plain shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

But you can wear jumpsuits to a formal event too. Check out this Sleeveless Sexy Wide Leg Jumpsuit, with those details on the top and the pockets. The wide leg and the length of the bottom will give you a stylized look, and you will seem taller. It’s all about shapes.

Somehow (and right now I’m not really sure why), I was reluctant to wear leggings. A voice in my head told me once that my body shape wasn’t correct to wear skinny clothes. But my boyfriend gave me one as a present and that idea banished from my head. Now I want a lot of them because my legs look longer and slimmer. Particularly, I was looking for this Elastic Waist Plain Leggings with that cut-out on the thighs. I can go anywhere on a Sunday wearing them and feeling comfy.

But you know that I’m always about style and edgy looks, so this Long Basic Plain Leggings with the lace on front and two kinds of fabric together would be a must in my closet. I would pair it with boots and a rocker tee. For more leggings for women, follow the link.

What would you choose from Cici Lookshop? Show me your picks in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Hugs and kisses,


miércoles, 3 de abril de 2019

abril 03, 2019

Matching outfits | Popreal

Matching outfits | Popreal
Hello again, my lovely friends and readers! Happy hump day! I am trying to recharge my batteries to keep going through this rough week. I hope you are doing well too. Today, I am here with my awesome friends from Popreal to give you some cute ideas four you and your sons.

 Daddy's Girl Family Summer T-Shirt

But wait! Did I say “you”? But what about your partner? At Popreal you can find father-daughter matching outfits, like this Daddy's Girl Family Summer T-Shirt that will show everyone who is the princess to your king. I love how they resemble sports outfits.

 Plaid Falbala Family Outfits

For a special occasion, you can choose these Plaid Falbala Family Outfits and match everyone on the house. I can see my future family wearing something like this for a Christmas picture or for an important event to stand out. I’m sure all will have something to say about your clothes.

 Girls Princess Tutu Flower Dress

I dream about having a little princess and dress her in lovely dresses. I fell in love with this Girls Princess Tutu Flower Dress. That cute little skirt filled with flowers is absolutely dreamy. And the bow is the perfect touch.

 Big Bowknot Lace Long Sleeve Princess Dress

For a formal event, I would pick this Big Bowknot Lace Long Sleeve Princess Dress. With that many layers of tulle on the skirt, any little girl would feel like a princess. I have found it searching for a vintage lace toddler dress because that is the style that I am looking for.

Do you like matching outfits? Let me know in the comments below. See you soon,

abril 03, 2019

Boss-lady blouses | FashionMia

Boss-lady blouses | FashionMia
Hi, guys! Any other boss-lady working late right now? I am keeping up to my deadlines and working hard to achieve my goals in the short term. I wish you can get to them too and be happy doing what you love. But more important: looking hot doing it. Don’t you know how? Don’t worry, I got you covered. I found awesome options at FashionMia that will help us to get the look.

 Vertical Striped Chiffon Blouse

Let us start with this Vertical Striped Chiffon Blouse. I love light fabrics because they don’t restrict my movement so I can go anywhere without worrying about my clothes. The vertical stripes are awesome to create a strong and firm image, but you shouldn’t slouch around to keep that!

 Spring Summer Cotton/Linen Women Band Collar Floral Printed Long Sleeve Blouses

I have picked this Spring Summer Cotton/Linen Women Band Collar Floral Printed Long Sleeve Blouses because it is fresh, have flowers and soft colors. It will help you keep focused and relaxed while you work. Also, the short sleeve will be awesome to have your hands free. Find more cheap blouses for work following that link.

 Summer Chiffon Round Neck Floral Petal Sleeve Short Sleeve Blouses

Yellow is a very productive color, it is vibrant and keeps people happy. This Summer Chiffon Round Neck Floral Petal Sleeve Short Sleeve Blouses will help you to achieve that goal. I have one like this in my wardrobe and I like to wear them to meet new clients. It is super effective!

 Band Collar Printed Long Sleeve Blouse

For a meeting, I would wear bolder colors. They will help me to keep that strong image that I look for. With this Band Collar Printed Long Sleeve Blouse, that will be easy to get. And you can finish the deal and get the client too.

Do you like my choices? Let become boss-ladies together and conquer the business world with an awesome wardrobe. For more fashion clothes, always trust in FashionMia. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you next time,


miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2019

marzo 20, 2019

Spring style | Selaros

Spring style | Selaros
Greetings, my awesome readers! How are you today? I am more than happy because today is the first day of spring! The days are warmer and I can wear dresses again. Nevertheless, I would not leave my house without a cardigan anyways. Today, I will show you some lovely styles from Selaros. They offer a huge range of clothing for women and these are my picks for this season:

 Round Neck Floral Printed Maxi Dress

You know that I love dresses, so it is no surprise for anyone that I am always looking for cute cheap maxi dresses. This kind of look makes me feel pretty and feminine, without losing my comfort. I love light fabrics and big patterns, especially flowers. Like in this Round Neck Floral Printed Maxi Dress made with chiffon, a very light fabric. It will keep fresh and fabulous. And you can choose it in other colors as well.

 Round Neck Striped Maxi Dress

Going very basic with colors and patterns, this Round Neck Striped Maxi Dress is a perfect election to work or a casual event. I love the floor-length skirt paired with that simple black top. So stylish and chic!

 Plain Flat Ankle Strap Peep Toe Casual Gladiator Sandals

On spring, I like to change my shoes to a fresh open style due to the warmer weather. I pull out all my sandals, like these Plain Flat Ankle Strap Peep Toe Casual Gladiator Sandals. You can pair them with jeans or a skirt and will be on trend.

 SOCOFY Plain Invisible Low Heeled Ankle Strap Round Toe Casual Flat & Loafers

I have a weakness for flats; they remind me of school shoes but way cooler. Like these SOCOFY Plain Invisible Low Heeled Ankle Strap Round Toe Casual Flat & Loafers, they are awesome! That embroider design makes them almost ethnic, and I ship that. If you like them or want to check more fashion shoes for women, just follow the links.

Do you like what I chose from Selaros? Let me know in the comments section down below what would you buy from the store, and tell me which your favorite season is too. I am curious. You already know that. I hope you liked this post, that you go and buy something nice and enjoy spring. I know I will. Hugs and kisses,