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viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

Geeky Clothing on


Hello, travelers of the Universe! How are you doing today? I’m going to talk to you about an awesome store that I’ve found a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve failed at show it to you: They sell a lot of stuff: electronics, mobile phones, cameras, toys, flashlights, watches, quadcopters, etc., but you know that I love clothing and everything nerdy, so they have an entirely section for that kind of stuff. It's name is Geeky Clothing. I want to show you my picks:

I’m a huge Nintendo fan, so when I saw this GameBoy hoodie, I jumped just like Mario. You can find this in the store following this link. I feel like a want to lie it flat on my bed and play games on it.

Emojis are everywhere, and with the right text, they can make everybody laugh. Well, at least they make ME laugh. This sweater is clever and funny. Buy this in the store opening this link. It could be awesome if they offer it in other colors, like pale blue or turquoise. And probably with other sets of emojis and funny phrases. At the end, variety is the spice of life, don’t you think?

And the best at the end. As you can tell because of the title of my blog, I’ve always have a thing about Universe related stuff, so: I love this galaxy hoodie! It’s amazing. You can found it in the store if you follow this link. It’s like wearing a piece of the Universe. If I’ll buy it, I’ll wear it nonstop.

And if you are not a nerdy girl like me, don’t worry. They sell pretty dresses and clothing for everyone. There’s a lot more to see (and to buy) in GearBest, so I invite you to go and take a look if you want. See you around,


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