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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Shoespie Newest Fashion Heels 2016


Hello again, my beautiful friend. Early, I talk to you about clothing, and all we need to complete our outfits are awesome shoes. So, I look for the better place to shop shoes: ShoesPie. Today, I’ll show you some hot heels:

If you love plaid as much as I do, you’ll like this design. It’s classy and you can wear them to work. Find them as Shoespie OL Plaid Slingback Stiletto Heels.

Everybody likes sexy heels, and nothing is sexier than lace. So these peep-toe are the weapon of choice. Look for them as Sexy Black Mesh Upper Peep-toe Stiletto Heels with Bowtie.

But if you are looking for cheap high heels shoes, check this glittery ones. I love the purple ombré effect. Find them as Shinning Korean Night Club Platform Heels.

Have fun buying new shoes in ShoesPie, my lovely friend. Now I want them all. Hope to see you around very soon,


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