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viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016


Backless Prom Dresses


Hello, lovely people of my life! Let’s talk about clothing. You guys know I’m a couch potato, but the other day I found an awesome web store,, and they sell sportswear. I’ll show you more:

I felt in love with this pants. They seem soft and fresh, and you can move around without a stretchy fabric stuck to your skin. Find it as Star Print Sport Pants.

To match that pants, I’ve chose this funny tank top. “Girl Boss”, I like how that sound. It will keep you fresh and letting everybody knows who’s in charge. Look for it as Stylish U Neck Letter Printed See-Through Sport Women's Tank in the store.

To keep your girls in place, nothing better than this awesome top. You know that I love everything star related, so this one goes straight to my wish list. In the store is Galaxy Print Yoga Tank Top.

If you like full outfits, check this one out. Is fresh and comfy, and you can wear it to go to the gym. They sell it in other colors, but this one is my favorite. Find it as Zip Up Hooded Gym Jacket With Sports Leggings in the store.

And for everyday wear, this sweatshirt is a must. I like tops with funny messages, as you can see. And this is pretty bold and out there, just like me. Search Hit Color Letter Pattern Sweatshirt in the store and you will find it.

As you can see, I gave you a couple of outfit options, but there is plenty more to choose from in Zaful. Please, go look the store around and come back to let me know what is your favorite piece. I really like to know, I can compare your picks with mines. Find Zaful in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ too. See you very soon,


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