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lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016


Hi again! Let’s talk about hair, shall we? Since I got my hair cut, I’m really missing my long hair. So I’m constantly browsing wig stores and today I’ll talk to you about my most recent found: CocoWig. They sell a lot of different styles and colors, but the section that call my attention was about cheap african american wigs.

14 Inches Curly Capless 120% Synthetic Hair

My absolute favorite was this awesome red and curly wig. Ii’s so pretty! You can find it in the store as 14 Inches Curly Capless 120% Synthetic Hair ItemCode:12668503.

The idea of wearing wigs always amused me. Change the hair just by placing something over your own, and be a different person every time. Sound like fun to me. What do you think about it? Love and kisses,  


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