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viernes, 26 de enero de 2018

Get summer ready with Zaful

Hi, guys! How are you today? I’m really good, this days has been productive and that made me happy. But I can’t wait the arrival of warmer days! You know that with me it’s all about summer (like Olaf). And as I write this while the sky is falling out here with this super heavy rain, I can’t but long for summer. And I know the perfect store to buy ahead all my summer outfits and more: Zaful. I’ll show you what I mean:

Let’s begin with a couple of outfits options. I like to wear light dresses in summer, to keep myself fresh and avoid sweating. I try to look for fabrics that let the air pass through, and cool designs. This black dress is ideal to wear at the beach, with the swimsuit underneath, ready to get into the sea. It hugs the curves of the body, and it’s really sexy because of that plunging neck. Look for it in the store as “Plunging Neck Floral Wrap Beach Dress - Black L”.

If you want to show a little more of skin, try the Two Piece Dresses. I felt in love with this set of top and skirt. Its shape is unique and original. The white top against the flowered skirt keep the balance in your style, and you’ll always look good. Search “White Cross Crop Top And Floral A Line Skirt Suit - Xl” in the store to buy it, and find more dresses following this link:

Browsing here for swimsuits, I’ve found this lovely bikini. I like the shape and the print. It’s cool and summery. Find it as “Micro Printed Thong Bikini Set – S”.

So, as you can see, they offer all you can need to the summer. Let me know if you like something more. I hope you enjoyed your visit. See you next time,


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