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sábado, 20 de enero de 2018

Maxi Dresses at FashionMia

My lovely people! Are you having a great Saturday? I’m having it. Saturdays are for dreaming and planning. And I love to plan my outfits for the week. But also dream about having more clothes, so I’m always looking for the new trends on the fashion stores. Today, we’re going to talk about FashionMia:

I’m in love with these sexy maxi dresses. They offer a lot of styles, and I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for. Polka dots are a classic fashion statement, and with the right fabric, you can wear them in any occasion. This flaunty dress is exactly that. Look for it in the store as “Round Neck Polka Dot Chiffon Maxi Dress”.

This purple dress is absolutely elegant. You can wear it at a dinner party, or a formal event. The shape of the neck is really interesting. They offer it in various colors. Search it as “V-Neck Decorative Hardware Plain Polyester Maxi Dress”.

But my absolute favorite of today’s pick, is this gorgeous plaid dress. It’s pretty, elegant and fun at the same time, and it has pockets! It’s the perfect dress to me. Find it as “Plaid Band Collar Pocket Maxi Dress” in the store.

If you want more dresses for women, just follow the links to visit FashionMia. Thanks for stopping by,


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