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viernes, 11 de mayo de 2018

BestHairBuy Lace Front Wigs

Welcome back, my great readers! How are you today? Thank God is Friday! I am having a really good week, so I don’t want this days to end. I want to keep it forever. And the only thing that I can do is hope for more weeks like this. Let’s keep the good work!

I love my hair, but sometimes I don’t know what to do whit it. On those cases, I just want a complete chance to try something new. The best way that I found to achieve that are WIGS! Yes, my friends. Wigs. You can get a completely new style, without the real commitment of a haircut or a hair dye. And I will give you the best place to get wigs: BestHairBuy.

I have picked some of the BestHairBuy lace front wigs to show you some good examples. First, who doesn’t thought about being blonde in some point of their lives? I know I did. But I’m too coward to make that chance, and this wig would be the best option to get that look. I like this style, because it is short and playful. Look for it as “Pre-Plucked Brazilian Virgin Hair Lace Front #613 Body Wavy Bob Wigs”.

My hair is naturally wavy, but really softly. Sometimes I want to have it deep curly, but I am afraid that can seriously damage my hair. And this store have an option for this case too. Its name is “26 Inch Indian Remy Hair Deep Curly Front Lace Wigs PWFU46”, and if you want it to be more full, you can complement it with some BestHairBuy natural wave bundles.

Purple hair, girls! My forever dream! This color is very rich, and fun. I would love to this wig be longhaired, but nothing is perfect. Anyways, if you like it, find it as “Pre-Plucked Brazilian Virgin Hair Lace Front Purple Bob Wigs”.

And last (but not least), this pretty blue bob wig. I love the color they made; it is not too flashy or scandalous. So you can wear it at a formal event, if you’d like. I would make it fuller with some BestHairBuy body wave bundles, trying to dye it and style it to achieve a soft wavy look. Search it as “Pre-Plucked Brazilian Virgin Hair Lace Front Blue Bob Wigs”

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Would you wear wigs? If you like them, please let me know which one is your favorite. Much love to you,


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