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jueves, 24 de mayo de 2018

Pregnancy Herbal Tea

Baby on board? Want to ensure a safe landing for the baby? Set yourself for success to meet your prodigy safely & healthily with pregnancy teas.  With pregnancy teas, you can get all the comfort & nourishment, which you fully deserve.

Pregnancy teas strengthen mother’s health physically while easing pregnancy discomforts. On top, herbal teas for pregnancy have a blend of supportive herbs which assist in toning the uterus. At the same time, they equip the womb for childbirth. Most of the pregnancy teas contain raspberry leaves & nettle leaves along with other nutritional herbs such as peppermint, garlic etc. Each of these herbs comes with a lot of medicinal properties which are effective in supporting a healthy pregnancy. Furthermore, the percentage of caffeine in these teas are at zero percentage which makes them fully safe for pregnancy period. Packed with organic herbs, pregnancy teas have been used by midwives & health practitioners for thousands of years to help pregnant women through their pregnancy.


Benefits of Pregnancy Tea

Pregnancy herbal teas are safe for the whole of the reproductive system not only during the pregnancy time but also for post-natal period. With chock-full of nutrients, they are abundant in vitamins & minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

1.      Supports Uterus - The nutrients in pregnancy tea can help in toning the uterus so as to support the growing weight of the baby. Furthermore, the uterine and pelvic muscles are strengthened to adapt them to the rigour of labour and birth. Toned and relaxed uterus diminishes the chances of miscarriage and postpartum haemorrhage. Various muscles of the body including the walls of the uterus gets relaxed as the teas takes on the role of muscle relaxant and stimulant. When uterine walls are strengthened, the chances of embryo implantation increases.

2.     Great for postnatal care – Pregnancy teas expedites recovery of the reproductive system and restores the uterus to its original size and shape. The herbs in the tea especially red raspberry leaves enhance the production of breast milk.  Hormones, which often fluctuate wildly during this period, gets regulated and this in turn reduces the chance of postpartum depression.

3.    Lessen morning sickness - The severity of morning sickness can be reduced with pregnancy teas. Alongside, they improve the blood circulation which helps the situation more.

4.      Reduces the chance of pre-term & prolonged labour – Pregnancy tea is seen to reduce the delivery pain and ease the birth of the baby as they prompt the uterus to let go and function without stress. 

5.        Reduces interventions during childbirth – Using pregnancy tea are seen to result in using fewer interventions such as caesarean section, forceps birth, artificial membrane rupture.

6.        Beneficial for mothers – Along with the baby, mothers also get nourished by the tea. Mothers are seen to be more glowing, beautiful and vibrant.

The effects of herbs used in pregnancy teas have not been scientifically proved. But people have used them for a long time. Therefore, discuss with the health practitioner or midwives before using pregnancy tea as a precautionary measure. If all ok, proceed to lie back while savour a refreshing cup of pregnancy tea. 


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