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jueves, 14 de junio de 2018

Recommendations for fair skin tones in EverydayWigs

Hello, my beautiful readers! How are you? How is your week going so far? My week is going really great, I am enjoying my time with my loved ones.

Let us talk about hair today, please Do you want to try something new? I am always willing to try some different styles and hair-dos, but what if I wanted to have a real change but without the commitment? The real solution is a wig! And I have found an awesome source of wigs online. I am talking about EverydayWigs. In this opportunity, I will give you some recommendations if you have a light skin tone.

I will begin with the ombre lace front wigs because is the style that I enjoy the most. It looks beautiful, and it suits almost every style. They offer traditional colors, but I have chosen this black to a pink wig. It is dreamy, and it will look nice if you have a fair complexion. Look this wig as “24" Black to Pastel Pink Ombre Long wavy Synthetic Wigs- edw039” in the store.

If you want to experiment with light hair tones, browse the blonde lace front wigs section. You might find great products like this one, which is almost white. That will allow you to be on-trend without damage your hair. And you can wear it (or not) whenever you want! I love the quality of their products; it looks almost like real hair. Find this one as “24" Blonde Long Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig - edw1079”.

Human wigs for white women are on-trend, and they sell natural hair too. Like this ombre style, that goes from black to blonde. Search “Ombre blonde human hair wig- edw2074” to buy this.

Did you like my picks? Go to the store and let me know in the comments which one would you buy. See you next time,


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