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lunes, 30 de julio de 2018

Plus Size Bottoms in RoseGal

Greetings, lovely readers! What is your mood today? Mine is been a sharing mood all day long, giving some tips and advice online, and learning a lot of new stuff. And I came across a fact that really set me off: Plus-sized bodies are poorly represented on the stores all around the web! Being myself a thick lady, that affect me. So the best that I can do, is to find great options for bodies like my own to share them with you. This time, I’ll give you great options for bottoms in ROSEGAL.
The first thing that caught my eye was this awesome pair of jeans with embroidered BUTTERFLIES!!! Don’t you know that I love butterflies? Oh, I’m sorry. You must be new here. Hi, I’m Denise and I love insects. I want these jeans so much!!! I found them as “Plus Size Butterfly Embroidered Ripped Jeans - Windows Blue - 2x”.
Do you like music? (Who doesn’t?! What question was that, D?) Then wear some music notes on your beautiful legs! I like this black legging with a musical pattern printed on the sides. Maybe you can wear it to a concert, or simply any day. It’s your choice. Search “Plus Size Music Notes Skinny Leggings - Black – Xl” and you will find them.
Come here and sit with me for a second, and think about something: who said that plus-sized women can’t wear shorts???!!! That is crazy talking, you know? Thick thighs are beautiful, and we can show them to the world (in a proper manner, I must say). You can find great designs like this “Plus Size Crochet Trim Dolphin Shorts - White – L”, and rock them everywhere you can!

Did you enjoy these options? You can find a lot more in Rosegal. If you find something awesome, please come back and show me. Thanks for stopping by,


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