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sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

Star Sweaters | Zaful

Hello, my beautiful peeps!!! How are you doing today? I feel that I have been missing a lot around here. I really want to keep this place up-to-date, but I am going through a few changes lately. So please, cope with me like you always do. I truly appreciate all your support and comments.

That being said, let us get back to business, shall we? These days, I am all about patterns. I like to wear them on my nails and on my clothes. My favorite pattern is striped, but I am trying to change things up. So, looking for other options, I found out that Zaful has what I am searching. STARS!!!
I like big and cozy sweaters to be around the house or just to go out to walk with my boyfriend, so I fell in love with this stars and stripes design. I know it looks like a flag, but it is really pretty. (Can we change the colors a little so we don’t get in trouble or offend anyone, please?) Anyway, I found it in the store as “Star Stripe Jacquard Knit Sweater - Off-white Xl”.
But in a more neutral style, check this design out. I love the fuzzy stars and letters, it gives the sweater a more relaxed look. What do you think about it? I really like the grey color, because you can wear it with almost any pants, and you will never look out of style. Look for it as “Star Letter Pattern Sweater – Gray” in the store to buy it.

Do you like my choices? If you want to know more about Zaful, don’t forget to visit them making click in this link. Maybe, you will find what you are looking for. And if you do, please come back here and let me a comment. I like to know what other people pick. See you next time,


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