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martes, 2 de octubre de 2018

Cyber Monday in Fashionme

Good day to you, my friend. How are you? I am happy that October is finally here. The weather is getting colder and I can wear more sweaters. I can pair them with almost anything without losing my style. And also, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Do you know what that means? Cyber Monday! Today, I have paired with Fashionme to give you some options of what you can buy that day in their store. Let’s see:

This awesome “Wing With Zips Stylish V Neck Hoodies” called my attention. It is a dress? It is a hoodie? IT IS BOTH! I fell in love with the design in the back, is very rocker and punk. I have found it in the Cyber Monday stylish hoodies, among a lot of pretty styles. It was really hard for me just choosing the ones that I am showing you.

Are you more a sporty type? Or do you like that style the most? Then this one might like you. I can picture myself running or jogging wearing it. The pockets are always a plus. You can find it in the store as “Hooded Long Sleeve Embroidered Sweater”. They offer it in a wide range of colors.

Enough of hoodies, let’s talk about sweaters. It is just me, or the sweaters are more stylish? I mean, you can wear a sweater to the theater but not a hoodie! I hope you catch my idea on this matter. Anyway, consider this “Off Shoulder Turtleneck Sweater” as an example. You can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps, and attend an elegant event without feeling out of place. Or you can put on a pair of sneakers and leggings and go to the cinema. There are more options with a sweater.

This “Deep V-Neck Decorative Lace Ruffle Trim Crochet Lace Plain Sweaters” is another great choice. I love the shape of the neck and the decorative lace on it. It is so sexy and classy. And the color is really pretty too. I picture myself wearing it at a date with my boyfriend, going out in the night to eat something in an especial place.

If you like them, browse the Cyber Monday cheap knitwear section and look for others styles. You might find what you have been looking for. And if you do, please let me know what you pick in the comments below. See you next time,


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