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martes, 6 de noviembre de 2018

Cool Hoodies | Beddinginn

Hi, guys! How are you today? I hope you are having an awesome week, full of work and colors. And if is not, you still have a couple of days to make it so. I believe in you.

Is just me, or anyone else like to borrow the boyfriend’s hoodies? (or any other piece of clothing, actually) So I just found the perfect place to buy him hoodies that I can wear too, without having to steal them from him. Let me tell you about this site. Its name is Beddinginn and sell a lot of cool things. Maybe I will show you more in another post. But today, it’s all about hoodies.

Holidays are around the corner, so it’s not a surprise that they have Black Friday 3D Hoodies on sale right now. I fell in love with this pour the milk pattern, because the name is truly funny. It is pouring the Milky Way! Get it? Hillarious!

I’m a sucker for geometrical patterns so this design is a must for me. There are a lot of Cool Hoodies to choose from, but I love this one. The faded colorful rhombus is awesome and I guarantee that everyone will ask you about your hoodie. Don’t thank me now, please.

How cool is this fierce fire wolf fight? It is like a match between evil and good. All their 3D Hoodies have that special look, it seems like the design is popping out of the fabric. Awesome!

And last (but not least) Galaxy Hoodies!!! I can’t leave them behind. Galaxy is my ultimate favorite print and design in the entire world!!! This particular one reminds me of the pattern that I used to make my blog header. There are purples, blues, teals, a nebula and tons of stars. Just how I like it!

How do you think about my picks? Let me know in the comments down below. As usual, follow the links to see more designs and styles. And also, don’t forget to check the Beddinginn Ins to see more products and pictures. See you next time,



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