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lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2018

Fantasy colors with EverydayWigs

Good day, my friends! Happy Monday and start of a new week. I wish you the best for these days, I’m sure you will accomplish everything that you have planned for the term. I’m filled with work and that makes me very happy. Let’s make the best of it, shall we?

Today, I’ve partnered with my good friends from EverydayWigs to bring you some good options for fantasy colored wigs. You know that I love the festival style, pastel colors and everything unusual, but I’m too afraid of damaging my natural hair with all the bleach and chemicals. So the best option that I’ve found is WIGS!

It’s not a surprise that my first pick is a purple wig. It is my favorite color! This lilac wig called my attention. The color is soft but bold enough to stand out in the crowd. Perfect for every day, a festival, a cosplay, or a fairy costume, it is yours to decide. What would you do with it? Let me know in the comments below.

There is something magical about Green hair that I keep going again and again. It is so special! Like a forest spirit or a water creature. I want to buy a green lace front wig like this one and become a Green fairy too. You can go from a minty tone (like the picture) to forest green and you will look stunning anyway.

And speaking of stunning, blue lace front wigs is perfect if you want something more eclectic and almost futuristic vibe. Feeling like Hatsune Miku or an anime character, do you? Then this one is for you! It will look amazing in the sun or in an indoor environment. You will draw all the attention to you, that is for sure.

You can get pretty creative with a fantasy colored wig. I would love to have them all and use a different color every day. That would surprise to all my family and friends. I would love to wear them to make videos for YouTube or Instagram. And all thanks to my friend from EverydayWigs. So tell me, what do you think? Catch with you on the next one. See you soon!


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