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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2018

Vintage Shoes | FSJShoes

Hello, everyone! How is your weekend going? I hope you rest a lot and get ready to start another great week tomorrow. I’m breaking the mold and working on Sunday (can you believe that?), but I’m sure it’s going to worth it. Just make it count and everything will be OK, right? Right!

Raise your hand if you are a total sucker for vintage shoes as I do, please. I literally have a lot of pictures of designs and styles that I want to have in my collection. And today, I’ve found an awesome source of all school shoes: FSJShoes.

Every time I think about vintage shoes, a pair of Mary Jane’s come to my mind. A few years ago, I wore them a lot (but in a flat style) and I can’t get enough of them. I want them back! This green pair reminds me a lot of them. And the decorative strap at the front gives them an extra special touch.

I’ve always dreamed about wearing a pair of vintage heels on my wedding day, and I think I’ve found the absolute perfect pair. They are so dreamy! I like the lace and the peep toe. The strap of the ankle gives them a lot of stability and comfort. I will show them to my boyfriend and ask him what does he thinks.

And to finish, this amazing red and white polka dots wedges. How amazing are they? Just picture them with an A-line dress, just like the 50s. I love them!

Do you like my picks? Let me know in the comments sections. Have a great day!


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