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jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2018

Kids Outfits | Popreal

Hi, everyone! Happy Thursday! How is your week going so far? Are you getting ready for Christmas? Here in my house, we haven't decorated yet, but this weekend may be the perfect time to do it. I’m really excited about it! You will see pictures on my Instagram account.

I don’t have kids yet, but I have a little neighbor that is almost every day in my house. Her name is Camila. She likes pretty clothes and unicorns. So we browse the web searching for stores that can match those things together, and we found Popreal. They offer awesome sets for all the family, but their specialty is children fashion.

This set may be perfect for Camila. Here in our city is getting colder so this sweater will keep her warm and stylish. The reindeer is a wink to Christmas time, but your girl can wear it all year around.

For the handsome guys out there (I didn’t forget about you), this vest and trouser set could be a great option for the holidays or for a formal event. The tie is a nice and elegant touch. You could find more clothing sets following the link.

OK, we already have clothes, but we need shoes now. Popreal sells them too! I fell in love with this winged shoes that have led lights on the soles. They offer them in gold and silver too. So you can choose the color that you prefer.

I like old style shoes, and if you want them for your boy, you can buy this English style leather shoes. They are so lovely! Follow this link for more children shoes.

Do you have kids? Or any children around you? Show them this store and found the style that you want. They also sell family and “mommy-and-me” sets, so you can all get a picture dressed alike. I love the idea. Let me know what do you think in the comment section below. Have an awesome day,


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