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viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

Dresses and slippers | Sebelleamore

Hello, my lovelies! How is your weekend? Mine is full of events and things to do. My mom’s birthday is this Monday and I’m rushing to get all the things in order to celebrate her. One of the main details is our outfits and I’m here looking for cute skater dresses for me and for her. And I'll found them at Sebelleamore:

Let I start with this beautiful flower-printed dress. My mom will love it! The v-neck is really flattering and can fit a lot of body shapes. The fabric is beautiful and the long skirt is ideal for every occasion.

For me, I have picked this plaid dress. I have always wanted a dress with this pattern. The bow on the waist is a lovely touch. I can wear it to so many places! My boyfriend likes it too, and that makes me very happy.

Dresses aside, now I want some relaxed shoes. Not to pair them with the dresses, but I need them anyways. I like to wear flats or sandals on weekends, to let my feet rest from all the work of the week. I liked this pair because they are fresh and unique. And also, Sebelleamore offers them in a variety of colors. You can pair them with jeans or shorts.

These peep toe slippers are really something. They are absolutely stunning. You are not going to find another style like this. Is very edgy and almost rock style. I would pair it with jeans. Sebelleamore offers them in black and gray.

For more comfy slippers, please go to Sebelleamore and check their products. I am sure you can find what you are looking for. Thanks for coming over and spend some time with me today, I really appreciate it. Hugs and kisses from my house to yours,


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